Über uns

What we do

The Law Clinic Rostock was founded 2015 at the University of Rostock. With the help of professors Dr. Peters and Dr. Bäumler, we focused on education in the field of migration and residency law. The founding members of the Law Clinic created fact sheets for topics such as work, health, and family reunification.
In cooperation with Laura Klaffus, a lawyer specialized in employment law and tenancy law, as well as Thomas Wanie, a lawyer for migation and residency law, we created a weekly lecture series to expand participants' knowledge of refugee law. This lecture series continues to be an vital part of our educational program.

We then specialized in preparing refugees for their formal hearings, since these hearings are the most important element of the asylum process and pose a challenge for many refugees. Since 2018, we've been offering weekly consulation times in cooperation with Rostock Hilft. These regular consultations allow refugees and other in need of legal aid to come to us without having to make an appointment first. The Law Clinic Rostock sees itself as an intermediary, helping to facilitate the communication between migrants and refugees and government authorities. We offer help and support with residential, administrative, and organizational problems.


Since November of 2020, our work has been facilitated by generous support from the CMS Stiftung

"Welcome" Project

The DAAD Welcome-Project helps the Law Clinic support refugees studying at the University of Rostock.


As a charitable organization, we rely on donations. We are very thankful for material donations, such as office supplies and legal literature. 
Monetary donations help us maintain and improve the quality of our education and consultations.

Our bank information:

Law Clinic Rostock e.V.
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IBAN: DE23 1305 000 0201 1061 59

We are grateful for donations of any amount!